Saturday, May 27, 2017

Peter's message

Peter asked me to convey below personal message, as his eyes are not well enough to allow access to the computer, but he is disciplined and getting better! So, here it goes:

@ All my readers & dear friends: I love you all and will stay loyal to the ideas I believe in. Please think kindly of me!

@ Andrea Rossi: Happy Birthday for the 3rd of June and... PLEASE WIN!


Monday, May 8, 2017

A Manager’s Mirror, Episode VII

Build, integrate, handover and take new challenge!
by Georgina Popescu

I do not know if this is a general treat of my generation (I am from the vintage of ‘70s), but I always liked to seek new things to learn and explore. Even before switching to managerial positions, enlarging my understanding of the roles and expectations of various activity areas within the organisation was a crucial part of doing my job. I believe this had to do both with the need to integrate my work in ‘the big picture’ and the desire to avoid redundancies (or gaps!) in order to optimize results.

As a first time manager, when my then-boss entrusted me with the creation of a new department within a large bank, I set out an ambitious objective. My aim was to organize the process while motivating and empowering the team members in such a manner that, within three months from our kick-off meeting, they would be in the position to deliver almost anything on their own, as if I were not there. Of course I would stay on for a longer period of time, at least until we achieve stabilization of the new area we were supposed to build. However I wanted them to work as autonomously as possible, as this would allow me to focus on those managerial undertakings that had to do with political power balance within the organization, integration of the new process, establishing awareness and finally recognition of our team’s competence and results. And along the way, my other favorite priorities – travelling to understand better the local specifics, training and personal development of staff, within the team but also beyond...

The first adventure was cut short a little too soon in my perception, as I was offered an almost ‘mandatory’ promotion… don’t misunderstand me, it was not THAT kind of ‘mandatory’… purely once in a lifetime opportunity, which could not be passed. The decision to accept was also kind of a team decision and the carrot was a unique mix between an exceptional boss and the invitation to build another new area, on a higher level. Still, as the results seemed really great at that point, I decided to approach with similar simplicity the next journey. And so on…

In my opinion, the first phase of a managerial itinerary is building – process and team. No matter if this means to start from scratch or take over fully functional existing ones, it is a step no captain can skip, as sailors know very well… no matter how calm the weather looks when you start, you need to know that you can depend both on the ship and on every member of your crew when times get tough – and they always do!

I consider this phase as ‘delivered’ as soon as the team is able to operate efficiently on ‘business as usual’ mode, independently of my involvement. It can take from a couple of months to almost a year, depending on size and complexity, and it needs continuous fine-tuning and maintenance afterwards. For this purpose I usually recommend to focus on your own behavior: be fair and square with everyone, and make sure you are the first one to respect the new rules (which should be established in a transparent, credible and functional way!). Do not encourage people to jump ranks all day long, however keep your door open and listen patiently to all those who have good reason to address you with their concerns. Make sure your team can count on your support whenever duly needed. Finally, do not hesitate to recognize and timely address bad influence hubs, no matter if they threaten to contaminate the people or the processes. 

The second phase, or better said focus area, is the integration of the construction into the bigger picture. This may overlap sometimes with the first, especially if the building phase takes a long time. As a manager, you need to ensure process feasibility for all the stakeholders involved, as well as position your team properly – power balance, remuneration, recognition of expertise, dependability of results. As one of my former bosses used to say, the first few months are crucial from this perspective – you should aim to achieve a quick gain (success story with notable impact) and a constructive lesson, and make sure they both spread through the organisation, in order to build trust and motivate the other stakeholders in future co-operation. The recognition should then consolidate over time, with due care towards both exceptional results and proper communication.

The last phase, just before steering the wheel to a new challenge, is the successful handover to the next manager. Ideally, this should happen smoothly if the building and integration phases includes a succession planning that gains acceptance from the main counterparts – the team and the higher managerial ranks. If this is not the case, then you will probably need to make the best of what you have, meaning you should not leave (too many) untied ends and loose cannons… if you care about reputation in the long run!

If you successfully went through all those three phases, you should now be ready to… start again!

And because this is the last episode of the Manager’s Mirror series, I will conclude it the same as the first episode – by extending what I shared today to all professionals out there, managers or ‘not yet’… While I believe specific expertise in the area you are about to embark upon is paramount in order to achieve best results within reasonable time, I also incline to recommend expanding your knowledge with every new challenge approached in your career. Step one would then be to build (your new expertise and support network), step two to integrate (into what you already know, into the team, into the future…), then handover to the next ‘former you’ and move on to the ‘future you’ – on a different (hopefully higher) level!

One positive aspect of this approach is that once you prove yourself reliable, result-oriented and loyal to a complex organization that you are compatible with, you can keep on learning and progressing every few years, and this will most probably pay off in the long run also from a managerial perspective.

And because I know that younger vintages are tempted to make changes rather often, I will close by sharing another advise from a former boss: you should learn new things every 2 years while in your 20s, every 3 years while in your 30s and stabilize within your comfort zone after 40s… as you should know by then what fits you best!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Temporary Time-Out

Dear friends,

Peter sends best regards to all of you and kindly asks for your patience and understanding a little longer, as it is the first time he takes a 'leave of absence' from this blog - and it is a thoroughly motivated one!

He is basically putting our hope & pray capacity to a big test these days... therefore I kindly ask all of you to join his dear wife and family in praying for his health, so that he keeps on feeding the EGO-OUT blog, which is a source of energy for him and of wisdom for many of us!

Today I remind you why we are here:
and that together we can work on solving almost any problem:
'A problem will NOT be solved if the number, influence or power of the people living, taking profit from the problem, is greater than the same characteristics of the people who want solve the problem' - Peter Gluck
(Extracted from his Problem Solving Rules -

So, let's use our numbers, power and influence to convince God that we need Peter to restore his informavore status within the LENR community!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Monday, May 1, 2017



My Dear Readers,

Please read today my associate's writing on our Blog.

I have to sole some nasty and not completely known heath problems in the next days, sso I don't know if I can inform you daily.

I am grateful to the many friends who have helped and supported this Blog.

Please consider and re think what I have told you, many times about
PdD incompleteness, LENR/LENR+ dichotomy and the Rossi vs Darden conflict.

Tr ying to return to you!

Yours faithfully,


1) The New Fire and other Matter Manipulation

2)From Andrea Rossi's JONP

May 1, 2017 at 1:11 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
You wrote: ” The tide of some slendering voices chiming in along the way is just a stimulus to work better. They never made any damage”.
You are totally right. Only, the “tide” is just a tenth of guys, always the same, that years since produce tens of attacks per day, a full time job, obviously a paid job. Who is paying them, apart the ventriloquist, whose payments have been disclosed in the published papers of the litigation?

Andrea Rossi
May 1, 2017 at 6:46 AM

I do not know and I am not interested to.
Warm Regards,

3) LENR aka Cold Fusion is real!

A Manager’s Mirror, Episode VI

Trust people, build confidence, cast away fear 
by Georgina Popescu

Before going into the details of this episode, I need to get back to the idea of the entire series and, more important, to its title – A Manager’s Mirror.

It does not only reflect the need for self-assessment (see the pilot episode) or the permanent exploration of the environment around (as mentioned in Episode I - just as in a thrilling but safe driving experience, you should put to good use all the mirrors in the car, while keeping eyes both on the road ahead and on the picturesque surroundings!).

The most important mirrors on a successful manager’s path are actually… his (her) people! They are all mirroring the attitude and responding to the feed-back they receive with the same coin, only usually amplified in terms of effect. Trust returns loyalty, confidence returns enthusiasm, while fear returns discontent. It has to do with the basic law of cause and effect, concentrated in an old Romanian proverb saying: ‘how you lay your bed determines how you sleep’.

Experience has revealed to me many times in different organizations that proper delegation and empowerment proves and at the same time strengthens reciprocal trust, builds mutual confidence and casts away everybody’s fears (or at least silences them for as long as necessary to get the job done!).

The key word here is ‘proper’ and it means that it does not work if the three conditions above are not met.

Before delegating an important task, you have to believe in the integrity of the person, in their professional ability to carry it through and in their maturity not to be overwhelmed by negative feelings and get lost along the way. You can start with smaller and less important things and support your colleague on the path of self-development, so that he (she) grows both professionally and personally until ready to take on more challenging jobs.

You also need to be fair and transparent in your feed-back, not hide behind your position to avoid conflict or put others down when they fail. Management is a two-way street and the best means to enlarge it is by sharing and learning from each other.

The first ingredient is the most essential – mutual trust. It is hard to build and easy to loose, and once it is lost becomes really difficult to get back (even though not always impossible!). The other two – confidence and fearlessness - are usually rooted in this one. Therefore, if you want to have a winning team, you need to relate with each of its member on that level or be honest and carefully separate your ways, as fair and constructively as possible, but still as early in the process as necessary not to hurt the rest of the team.

I believe you all wonder by now – is there a simple ‘ABC success key’ to unlock and align the three properly on your managerial path?

The good news is that once you see them in your own mirror, it is not so hard to contaminate everyone around. The bad news is that I do not believe in universal recipes for that. The only thing I can do is share mine today, as I see it when I look back on the past 10 years or so…

‘My way’ basically consists in a mix of honest smile, enthusiastic story-telling and transparency over ‘the bigger picture’ for every task I give. I approach delegation based on confidence, empowerment and control in variable dosage, depending on the compatibility between the person and the task. I strive to ensure individual (or team) recognition for the result, and share failure in a manner aimed not to judge, but to learn from what went wrong. I can be understanding and demanding at the same time, but I do commit to personal involvement whenever needed (either as a fall-back option or as an escalation support). Sometimes I need to ask for temporary ‘sacrifices’ but try not to forget compensating for that afterwards.

Finally, I admit that I had my fair shares of failures, but somehow managed not to allow them to discourage me to start over again – and this is exactly the motivation behind today’s Manager’s Mirror.

So… you are now challenged! Look in your mirror once again, find your own way and trust it - today and always!

Sunday, April 30, 2017



This means loss of appetite is death. For intellectual life, the  equivalent of 'hungry' is 'curious' LENR keeps me in life.

“Dear friends, you all know the if we will eat less, drink very moderately and abstain from too much sex,we will live more than if we eat as much we like, we drink too much and make a lot of love. That’s true, and our Romanian scientists have determined that statistically, the mean difference in duration of life is exactly 3 weeks! May I ask you, my friends, is it an intelligent choice to sacrifice all the pleasant things of the life, for those unhappy three weeks? My personal answer is NO, let’s drink!” 
(Peter Gluck, toast at a banquet. (Volgograd 1978)

If you do not eat too,much, do not drink too much, do not make excessive sex, you will die healthy! (old Polish saying)

let's add an Uzbek proverb "Without sex, there is no human life" 



Last week the following book has appeared at the Russian official LENR site

V.M. Petrov: "The myths of contemporaneous Physics"
Петров В.М. "Мифы современной физики"

I regret that I do not have time to read it, however it indirectly inspired me to think about an other category of myths, specific for the Rossi vvs Darden litigation.
I think that if 5% of what I H says now against the Doral plant would be right, than
it is understandable and justifiable that they collaborated rather peacefully for 4 years including the Test. For a new coming outsider the story is incredible- and the main weapons of IH in the bitter dispute are some myths born after the start of the legal action. 
The first myth is ZERO EXCESS HEAT by Rossi technology, in the Test and always.
How could Rossi convince them that yes there is enhanced excess heat?  Are the IH people- under oath convinced that it never was excess heat- in the Test and in all the previous  tests with or without IH? Is IH searching for Truth in this case? They DO NOT DO a thing that would settle the problem, what is true scientifically, not for the 
legal part: the E-Cats from the plant are full with ash thousands of samples could be taken and it is well known- no energy released, no isotopic shifts. Lugano and partially successful followers as Parkhomov have proved this.  But IH knows the plant HAS worked, and it was stellar  as performance's.

The second myth is ERV Report flawed, scammed, not good. One IH supporters claims emphatically that any sanely thinking individual will have the revelation that the Report is obviously worthless - he has no many followers even among the IH 
faithful. Complementary mini-myths- as that of the small steam pipe, of the bewitched flowmeter, the most dreadful from all- half full pipe& flowmeter, fluid at 103 C and atmospheric pressure is water not steam, people killed by excessive
heat at the JMP plant (they do not know what has happened there however the Court knows it).he insufficient capacity of the feeding pumps of the E-Cats...etc. All falsities already debunked but myths are unkilable if they work for their  author and the authors work for a cause they consider njus(ifiable)

An other untenable myth is that of IH unable to "substantiate" anything from the Rossi technology. Never,  ever. However there are serious proofs of IH obtaining rather good CP values. As a salvation, they have created the myth of the dummy reactor with no fuel in it that has also obtained higher COP. It was  a dummy but it has helped IH to get 50 million US$ from Woodford and this has happened whan 
IH still not completed its valuable portfolio with LENR technologies in spe, more serious and more better than what Rossi has- he actually has, and had nothing! 

The myth of IH's portfolio is stll not revealed.   Brillouin that looks the most promising seems to have an other main sponsor, not IH.


1) Images of me356 AURA Control System Published

2) From Gregory Goble:
Cold Fusion/LENR and all that JAZZ - Tiny Bubbles
Cold Fusion/LENR and Water?

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Frank Acland
April 29, 2017 at 2:04 PM

Dear Andrea,

How different is the performance of the QuarkX when you compare AC (grid) and DC (battery) inputs?

Thank you,

Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi
April 29, 2017 at 2:32 PM

Frank Acland:
Warm Regards,

4) Info kindly sent by Bob Greenyer, MFMP:
Here is my presentation that I gave at an engineering society meeting in central Copenhagen on the 24 April 2016 - with slides.
And here is some photos and information on me356's AURA reactor controller


Sergio Focardi in Remembrance
Once in Awhile We Should Pause and Listen
Learn About LENR Energy – Popular Cold Fusion
Listen to the Bistlecone Pine
As the SAGA of Cold Fusion Energy Unfolds
The Bristlecone Pine Bears Witness
As Do We
At Cold Fusion Now
Forever and Eternally Grateful for the Works of Sergio Focordi – et. al.
A Tribute to Sergio Focardi from the Poets Corner
Cold Fusion Now
In Remembrance to All
Care – Listen – Learn – Teach
Asleep at the Foot of the Bristlecone Pine
Hugh Prestwood's - Bristlecone Pine, sung by J. Salestrom 


Innovation and the Mythical Idealized Future State

Saturday, April 29, 2017




1) An Organized Approach to LENR Experimentation (Axil Axil)

2) Study offers new theoretical approach to describing non-equilibrium phase transitions.


4) LENR and Energy News on Twitter Sorted by Reach

5) Not just another conspiracy theory Michael Rion

6) New THREAD at the LENR Forum
The possible theory of LENR (the reaction goes in a narrow temperature range)

7)  From  Andrea Rossi's JONP

April 28, 2017 at 7:11 PM

Dear Andrea:
Why don’t you react to the slanders some blog repeats notwithstanding it is well known the nature of slenders of what they write? You are working years since like a horse and while you burn your life for your work they insult you with no avail.
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
April 29, 2017 at 7:10 AM

The tide of some slandering voices chiming in along the way is just a stimulus to work better. They never made any damage.
Warm Regards,


A nanoplasmonic based experiment suggested as a probe of the nature of the LENR reaction involving the fission of thorium by muons as follows:

This expanded experiment is based on this one that has already been performed as follows:

Initiation of nuclear reactions under laser irradiation of Au nanoparticles in
the presence of Thorium aqua-ions
A.V. Simakin and G.A. Shafeev

“The resulting average size of Au NPs as determined by Transmission Electron Microscopy lies between 10 and 20 nm.”

The addition is to configure this experiment with two double concentric glass chambers with pure water and gold nanoparticles in the inner chamber and one with a thorium salt in solution in water filling the outer chamber but without any nanoparticles inside of it.

First, test the two concentric chambers without nanoparticles added to the inner chamber. Expect to see no transmutation in either the inner or the outer chamber.

Next, test the two concentric chambers with nanoparticles added to the inner chamber. Expect to see transmutation results involving thorium in the outer chamber as was seen in the referenced experiment done by A.V. Simakin and G.A. Shafeev.

This will show that interaction between light and nanoparticles produce the LENR reaction and that the reaction is carried out at a distance by subatomic particles that can penetrate a glass wall.

Variations on the wall material: aluminum, iron, stainless steel, lead etc can be carried out if the laser beam enters the inner chamber from an open top of the inner chamber.

Next, a high voltage spark discharge can replace the laser light that is fired just above the top of the water level on the inner chamber. As a probe of the LENR reaction with gold nanoparticles present, expect to see transmutation results involving thorium in the outer chamber.

No LENR reactions will be produced without the presence of gold nanoparticles in the inner chamber. 


1) New artificial photosynthesis process converts CO2 in air to fuel

2)Thin layers of water hold promise for the energy storage of the future
Date:April 28, 2017
Source:North Carolina State University
Researchers have found that a material which incorporates atomically thin layers of water is able to store and deliver energy much more quickly than the same material that doesn't include the water layers. The finding raises some interesting questions about the behavior of liquids when confined at this scale and holds promise for shaping future energy-storage technologies.

Friday, April 28, 2017



If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

(Rudyard Kipling, 1895)

If you can substitute a complex reality with a primitive ideal,
If you are able to divide and exclude, combine and confuse, mix and destroy
If you master with fastness your kalashnikov of explosive lies
if are ready you help generously the means to replace aims
If you are prepared to distort and mutilate Truth with no mercy
You will succeed to kill the Earth with everything culture and life on it!
(Sad reality, the third killer Idealism hitting the World in 100 years)


I wrote the Anti-if poem being desperate to see how due to Probletence, a rather small but significant Continent is drowned in incompatible, destructive cultures. Ok, that's politics not for my blog/
But I was also stimulated by a "local, LENR" question: what if not only IF, but IH too, has it a dark side?
IF IH is  trying to reject and destroy a working, useful revolutionary energy technology, try to invalidate a really stellar ERV Report with no proof- if they do this, then nothing can excuse them including funding of SERIOUS LENR research and organizing ICCF21- this would be unerasable dark side of the Company and its supporters.
I have told you yesterday about the over 7000 messages from the echo site of the litigation. Today a few tens were added, many in the defense of IH's honesty and correctness. Read them and tell if they are convincing, if the zero excess heat axiom is credible. 
In contrast with the claimed brightness of the IH party- is the huge number of messages that are pure (?)  slander against Rossi well surpassing 10,000 from the start of the conflict. For some leading IH supporters there are more than 30  per day, an activity indistinguishable  from a full-time paid job. It seems dark and dirty and not useful - the litigation is about plant, technology not a person.
We will see...


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs  Darden litigation=
Thursday, April 27, 2017
270 notice Notice of Change of Address Thu 1:58 PM
NOTICE of Change of Address by John William Annesser, II (Annesser, John)

2) LENR ideas from Gregory Goble

3)  Fusione Fredda- tutti recenti svilluppi in un nuovo articolo di E.N. Tsyganov

4) Kirk Shanahan answers to Steve Krivit:

5) New THREAD on LENR Forum
My Last Straw: Me356 Moves Past Nickel Without Honoring Promise To Share Ni-H Know How by THEDEBATEISUSELESS

6) Trap reputation. Cold Fusion- nothing has changed from the year 1989? II Part

Pułapka reputacji: Zimna fuzja - nic się nie zmienia od 1989 roku? cz 2 ...

7) Has Rossi reached Sigma 4?


Study offers new theoretical approach to describing non-equilibrium phase transitions breaking

 A new and elegant take on Quantum Mechanics has arrived on the scene just in time to help explain how LENR works. With this new tool, dynamic systems are understood to include phase transitions at the extreme limits of their solution sets.
 Dynamic operators that have been only discovered a few years ago are now widely used in quantum optics which is at the heart of the LENR reaction.
 Phase transitions are hot in physics now central to the understanding of the Higgs field, optics with changing indices of refraction, and superconductivity all demonstrate phase transitions and the famous Mexican hat upside down potential that only using the complex number set can properly explain.

In this figure, think of the blue optical resonators as the Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) with a whispering gallery wave structure. The red toroids are the protons and neutrons in the nucleus.
In this experimental setup explained by the figure, coupled optical resonators (paired red and blue toroids on little pedestals) are PT symmetry systems. When they are tuned through a “phase transition” light, instead of moving through them in both directions, can only travel one way.
In LENR terms when a phase transition occurs is the SPP optical resonators, and when a proton decays, the energy of that decay in the form of a Gamma ray can only be absorbed by the SPP. Light energy cannot move from the SPP into the proton.
We learn from this model that quantum theories need not obey the conventional mathematical condition of Hermiticity so long as they obey the physical geometric condition of space-time-reflection symmetry (PT symmetry).
PT symmetry challenges a standard convention in physics—the widely held belief that a quantum Hamiltonian must be Hermitian. And, because PT symmetry is a weaker condition than Hermiticity, there are infinitely many Hamiltonians that are PT symmetric but non-Hermitian; we can now study new kinds of quantum theories that would have been rejected in the past as being unphysical. Moreover, PT-symmetric systems exhibit a feature that Hermitian systems cannot; as indicated in the energy levels become complex when energy from outside the system changes in the system.
The transition from real to complex energies is a key feature of PT-symmetric systems and it is called the PT phase transition. At this transition the system goes from a state of physical equilibrium (called a state of unbroken PT symmetry) to nonequilibrium (broken PT symmetry).
LENR occurs when PT symmetry is broken in an optical micro cavity.


1) Private fusion machines aim to beat massive global effort
Daniel Clery   Abstracts only
Science 28 Apr 2017:
Vol. 356, Issue 6336, pp. 360-361
When finally complete in 2025, the $20 billion fusion reactor called ITER, rising near Cadarache in France, will be seven stories tall. Even then, nothing guarantees that it can induce nuclei to fuse and release energy. Now, a small U.K. company has unveiled a 2-meter-tall chamber that looks like an oversized beer keg and cost about £10 million to develop. Using a different reactor shape than ITER and, eventually, superconducting magnets, the company says it has a cheaper and faster path to an energy-producing fusion reaction. It is not alone. A few other privately financed startups are also challenging the status quo and two in North America are building new machines in the next few years that aim to get close to the break-even point, where the energy generated equals the energy put into the system.

2) Looking for the quantum frontier
Beyond classical computing without fault-tolerance?
Date:April 27, 2017
Source:Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology
A new theoretical framework has been developed to identify computations that occupy the 'quantum frontier' - the boundary at which problems become impossible for today's computers and can only be solved by a quantum computer. The team demonstrates that these computations can be performed with near-term, intermediate, quantum computers.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Image result for echo quotationsImage result for echo quotations


There was built a kind of parallel or echo site for the Rossi vs Darden real life  litigation.

it is on the LENR Forum where the IH supporters dominate.

It was very, very active and the administrators say it has published already 7000 messages, a performance. Many of the messages are indeed about the litigation, however  the majority is about "exposing  Andrea Rossi in perpetuity" character assassination and competence denial of the inventor.
The technical part is based on incomplete information, imaginary flaws of instruments, pumps etc and differs from what happens  in the Court where all the data, info exists and facts speak.. You will see, I predict this. However the IH supporters are not retracting even the most obviously false technical calumnies so it is not quite useful discussing with them..


1) Cold Fusion was confirmed (in German) 
Kalte Fusion" wurde bestätigt.;postID=7553401660312763393;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=link

2) Kirk Shanahan, Can You Explain This?

3) A.A. Gromov: Presentation at the European symposium for burning processs, 18-21 April 2017 Dubrovnik, Croatia                                   Постер
Nuclear Reactions and X-Rays by Metals Combustion                                           Gromov A.A.1,2, Gromov A.M.3, Teipel U.2
1 Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia
2 Nuremberg Technical University Georg Simon Ohm, Germany
3 Federal Research and Production Centre “Altai”, Russia
Nuclear Reactions and X-Rays by Metals Combustion
A.A. Gromov1,2*, A.M. Gromov3, U. Teipel2
1 Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia
2 Nuremberg Technical University Georg Simon Ohm, Germany
3 Federal Research and Production Centre “Altai”, Russia
Nuclear Reactions and X-Rays by Metals Combustion 
A.A. Gromov1,2* , A.M. Gromov3 , U. Teipel2 
1 Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia 
2 Nuremberg Technical University Georg Simon Ohm, Germany
3 Federal Research and Production Centre “Altai”, Russia Abstract Experimental verification of the hypothesis made by B.V. Bolotov on the foreign (new) elements formation as a result of low-energy nuclear reactions in combustion processes with Al-MeO (Fe2O3, PbO, CuO etc.) thermites was executed. The combustion process of thermites was accompanied by X-rays with the energy of several keV that confirm the probability of nuclear reactions during combustion. The combustion products of Al-Fe2O3 thermite with the extra pure initial reagents (99.7 mass %) burned on air were examined by XRF and ICPMS methods. Condensed combustion products of Al-Fe2O3 thermites burned on air contained abnormally high concentrations of Ca (up to 0.55 mass %) determined by EDX and ICP-MS. 

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

April 27, 2017 at 5:02 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Is still the QuarkX made by alloys that do not exist in commerce and you have to produce in your factory?

Andrea Rossi
April 27, 2017 at 8:02 AM

Warm Regards,
5) Camillo Franchini: Fusione fredda


Study offers new theoretical approach to describing non-equilibrium phase transitions

A new and elegant take on Quantum Mechanics has arrived on the scene just in time to help explain how LENR works. With this new tool, dynamic systems are understood to include phase transitions at the extreme limits of their solution sets. 

Dynamic operators that have been only discovered a few years ago are now widely used in quantum optics which is at the heart of the LENR reaction. 

Phase transitions are hot in physics now central to the understanding of the Higgs field, optics with changing indices of refraction, and superconductivity all demonstrate phase transitions and the famous Mexican hat upside down potential that only using the complex number set properly explains.

We learn from this model that quantum theories need not obey the conventional mathematical condition of Hermiticity so long as they obey the physical geometric condition of space-time-reflection symmetry (PT symmetry).

PT symmetry challenges a standard convention in physics—the widely held belief that a quantum Hamiltonian must be Hermitian. And, because PT symmetry is a weaker condition than Hermiticity, there are infinitely many Hamiltonians that are PT symmetric but non-Hermitian; we can now study new kinds of quantum theories that would have been rejected in the past as being unphysical. Moreover, PT-symmetric systems exhibit a feature that Hermitian systems cannot; as indicated in the energy levels become complex when energy from outside the system changes in the system. 

The transition from real to complex energies is a key feature of PT-symmetric systems and it is called the PT phase transition. At this transition the system goes from a state of physical equilibrium (called a state of unbroken PT symmetry) to nonequilibrium (broken PT symmetry).

LENR occurs when PT symmetry is broken in an optical micro cavity.


1) New atomically layered, thin magnet discovered
Study reveals unprecedented control of ferromagnetic behavior in 2-D material
Date:April 26, 2017
Source:DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
An unexpected magnetic property in a 2-D material has been found by scientists. The new atomically thin, flat magnet could have major implications for a wide range of applications, such as nanoscale memory, spintronic devices, and magnetic sensors, they say.

2) Three Ways a ‘Noble Goal’ Makes You a Significantly Better Leader

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



1) The complete paper now found on JONP
Cold nuclear fusion development by E. Tsyganov
See please comments here:
Cold Nuclear Fusion Developments” (New Journal Article by E.N. Tsyganov)
2) From Gregory GobleCold Fusion/LENR and all that JAZZ Thanks Ruby Carat,

3) Presentation on Seminar in PFUR April 25, 2017

Презентации с семинара в РУДН 25.04.2017

1. 16-00 – 16-50  A. I. Laptukhov, dr. phys-mat.sci:, IZMIRAN, town of Troittsk "Analysis of the new Rossi experiments, and non-nuclear mechanism of release of excess heat in the low energy nuclear  processes"

2. 16-50 – 17-40 A.N. Vlasov, dr.phys-mat.sci:"Expriments Radiotechnics Univ town of Riazan "Experiments for obtaining plasmoids- analogs of the globular lightnings"

4) Monography and papers by Vladimir Georgevich Sapogin

Монографии и статьи Сапогина Владимира Георгиевича


LENR in a nutshell

LENR is an optical based process where light is trapped in a waveform called a soliton. Think of this structure as Nano sized ball lightning. This ball of light can form in many ways: inside ultra-dense hydrogen, on the surface of rough metal surfaces, inside cracks in metal, on nanoparticles and microparticles, between nanoparticles, and in dusty plasma. But critically, this soliton is not active until it is triggered through the electrostatic effects of a stimulating emission. 

When this soliton first form, light rotates around inside the soliton and supports two degenerate propagating-wave modes: clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) waves, manifesting the symmetry of this system. This counter rotation of the light negates any organization of the spin of the light from generating any meaningful magnetic effect. 

But when the symmetry of this counter rotating light is broken by this electrostatic stimulant, like a magnet all spin of the light ceases to interfere with each other and a newly organized super intense magnetic beam projects out of the soliton in an highly organized mode. The soliton then becomes a synthetic analog monopole quasiparticle. 

When this beam of magnetism enters inside protons and neutrons that move into its path, the quarks that make up these protons and neutrons change their type(color) and the protons and neutrons transform into exotic mesons made up of strange and beauty quark types. Energy is also produced in these subatomic particle decays and is feed back into the solitons of light thereby increasing their intensity. In this way, this infusion of incoming subatomic energy allows the soliton to survive for an extended period in a self-sustaining mode while the electrostatic stimulant continues to maintain the organization of the photonic spin. 

Leif Holmlid has been using a laser pulse as the stimulator but yesterday Sveinn Olafsson just told me this: “Leif has applied fast high electric field and sees meson signal”


1) A more than 100% quantum step toward producing hydrogen fue

Date:April 25, 2017
Source:New Jersey Institute of Technology
Efforts to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels are advancing on various significant fronts. Initiatives include research focused on more efficient production of gaseous hydrogen fuel by using solar energy to break water down into components of hydrogen and oxygen. Scientists have now reported a key breakthrough in the basic science essential for progress toward this goal.
2) Harold Jarche: simplifying the complexity (in problem solving)

3) Courage: The Defining Characteristic of Great Leaders

Tuesday, April 25, 2017



Image result for trouble quotationsImage result for trouble quotations

It turns out that to develop a ‘cumulative culture’ – technology that constantly ratchets up in complexity and diversity – a species needs to be able to share information very accurately. It doesn’t matter how much novel invention takes place, unless those inventions are replicated accurately then they die out before they can be built upon.” —Prof. Kevin Laland, University of St. Andrew’s
(borrowed with thanks from Harold Jarche)

I have to add the zeroth rule in problem solving to my 20 Rules of Real Life Problem Solving:
0) accept the problem as real and make it YOUR problem


I have received zero feedback to my writing of yesterday- my peculiar vision of the troubles of Cold Fusion and it would be childish naivety to ask why. I have already presented too many times in vain the same ideas; the cradle CF system is intangible
plus the essential message could be understood as a nasty, unjust question:  "Colleagues should we accept we were barking at the bad tree ( a small bush actually for 28+ long years? An attack against the popular cradle system coming from a talkative- non contributor who in his sunset year(s) is on the wrong side in the fiercest dispute hitting our field.

However because I really care for the future of LENR , I am asking now:


As Ed Storms has described it , Cold fusion LENR takes place only in special places
in matter (in palladium, first of all) and the generation of theas places- N.A.E or active sites is a difficult not well controllable ('intensifiable') process. 
That is Ed says that cold fusion works with PREFORMED NAE.  Regarding the role of the temperature, here is his recent comment cited with permission:

Yes, I saw Kirkinskii's ideas. He is right. Because the LENR effect is controlled bytemperature, use of high temperature will result in increased energy once the NAE has formed. Unfortunately, simply heating a material does not create the NAE.   People following Rossi have made the mistake of thinking that high temperature alone produces LENR.  Also, people evaluating PdD have made the mistake of failing to consider the effect of temperature.
Rossi activates the Ni before it is heated. He has not revealed how this is done. People using Pd in an electrolytic cell are limited to too low a temperature for production of significant power.  Until these limitations are taken into account, comparing the amount of power that can be produced by Pd and Ni is not possible. 

Now, what Rossi does is unknown however denying that he intensified excess heat from Watts to Kilowatts a difficult job...anyway.
I think the pre-formed active sites method with Pd or Ni or whatever cannot make cold fusion a practical technology and that the the role of high working temperature is to generate constantly heat generating sites. I believe in in-situ formed active sites, in what i called LENR+ in March 2012.
The future will show who and what is true. Till then I firmly believe that increasing of temperature  say about 700C triggers qualitative changes, triggers new mechanism- makes them possible.
(to be continued, apparently my site was today under some attack)

I just realized that given the  the abused parallel between Cold Fusion and the history of aviation, saying that the Doral test 1 year long has not worked,  is the equivalent of saying flight of the heavier-than-air machines is not possible - after the Lindbergh flight.


1) Russian Coordination Council for the problem:" Cold Nuclear Transmutations"
Координационный Совет по проблеме «Холодная Трансмутация Ядер»

(25 members see the list directly here in English too)
An example for all countries interested in progress of LENR, I think.


 3) Low-energy nuclear reaction
The Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokio
Nuclear structure of neutron-rich nuclei which will be produced by RIPS or BigRIPS at RIBF are to be studied by employing the low-energy nuclear reactions such as proton resonance elastic scattering. In particular, the nuclei around 32Mg where the nuclear structure suddenly changes are being studied. This experiment can be related to an unknown nuclear force which breaks the isospin symmetry.

In parallel with the studies, we are developing devices to produce a high spin isomer target of 178m2Hf, which will be synthesized, and then purified by using the laser resonant ionization. When it is succeeded, long-standing dream of nuclear physics, production of hyper deformation, torus shape of nucleus, would come true.

4) New THREAD at LENR Forum by Louu Pagnucco

New USPTO LENR Patent - Related to Cravens demos

United States Patent 9,631,866 - April 25, 2017
Heat engine
A heat engine that utilizes a controllable heat source that includes a body comprising a dopant that has an affinity for a fuel species, preferably a hydrogen isotope. The production of heat by the heat source can be modulated by the application of electric and/or magnetic fields to the body. The hear engine includes safety features that prevent excessive heat generation.

 5) signalled at paper by Hideo Kozima
From the History of Cold Fusion Research, 8, pp. 1 – 23 (June 2015) 
The Nuclear Transmutations (NTs) in Carbon-Hydrogen Systems (Hydrogen Graphite, XLPE and Microbial Cultures)* 
Hideo Kozima Cold Fusion Research Laboratory 597-16 Yatsu, Aoi, Shizuoka, 421-1202, Japan *
This paper was originally published in the CFRL News (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory News) No. 94 (2015.06.10). The nuclear transmutation (NT) in the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP) is an astonishing event not expected from the perspectives the pioneering researchers had in their motivation to perform experiments in this field. The researchers, however, seemed to realize the complex nature of the CFP at the first stage of their research not reconciling into the framework they had in their mind as expressed by Fleischmann et al. in their paper published in 1989; “The most surprising feature of our results however, is that reactions (v) and (vi) are only a small part of the overall reaction scheme and that the bulk of the energy release is due to an hitherto unknown nuclear process or processes (presumably "FORBIDDEN Scienceagain due to deuterons).”[Fleischmann 1989]

6) Evgenii Gigauri: " FORBIDDEN SCIENCE- Bio-transmutation- a discovery that facilitates for us a New Future"

7)  ECAT Low Energy Nuclear Reactors (LENR); Is Cold Fusion Or Cold Fission The Next New Free Energy Source? What Is Fusion? The Sun's Fusion Zero Energy Process Explained By Arto Lauri

8) Cold nuclear fusion development
E.N. Tsyganov 
Cold Fusion Power, International, United States
Received 9 November 2016, Revised 30 March 2017, Accepted 30 March 2017, Available online 19 April 2017
Chemical energy sources (oil and gas) will run out in the next 30–50 years. In addition to the depletion of these sources, there is a so-called greenhouse effect, which imposes severe restrictions on the use of chemical fuel. Nuclear reactors use uranium and hope to use thorium reserves of fissile materials that will last for no more than 100–200 years. In addition to poor safety record of nuclear reactors, the problem of burying radioactive nuclear reactor waste for a period of thousands years has not have a reliable solution.

During the last 25–30 years, so called cold nuclear fusion processes in conductive crystals have been developed. This paper discusses the main features of such processes.


1) Negative mass’ created at Washington State University



3) the innovation imperative